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Open 24h a day, every day, Caleidoscópio provides a Study Hall with 175 seats, an Exhibit Area of 140m2 and a Conference Room that seats 72, as well as Eduroam Wi-fi connections and printing equipment.

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Given the current pandemic situation, exceptionally, the Caleidoscópioa capacity limited to 80 seats with the following schedule:

  • Every day (including weekends and holidays) from 8:00 am to 0:00 am.

The area, destined mainly for students, is open to all of Lisbon’s academic community holding a University card.

Integrated in the requalification project for the Campo Grande Garden, the new Caleidoscópio Building kept the original building’s exterior form, as it was projected in 1972 by architect Nuno San Payo, and includes a ceramic panel by Maria Emília Silva Araújo. The 2.700m2 building was initially used as a Tourism Office.

In 1974 the building was remodeled into the Caleidoscópio movie theatre and shopping center. Recently, in 2011, City Hall gave it over to Universidade de Lisboa to turn it in to an Academic Center.

On October 2016, the space opens as a Study Hall, an Exhibit Room, a Store and a Documentation Center available to the city of Lisbon.