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The Collège de France Chair at Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) was established in 2013, and it aims at developing training and research of interest to both parties. The Collège de France is a World-class institution that counts 9 Nobel Laureates among its teachers, including Professor Serge Haroche, 2012 Nobel Laureate in Physics. Applications are accepted annually under this arrangement, and are subject to a selection process done by the ULisboa rectory that subsequently refers them to Paris (in February of each year).

Planned Actions
– Welcoming Professors from Collège de France at Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa);
– Stays of ULisboa PhD students and post-docs in Collège de France chairs and laboratories;
– Participation of ULisboa Professors as speakers in classes or seminars at Collège de France.

Applications are accepted during January and February of every year, as announced on the ULisboa website and disclosed by the schools.

It is recommended that applications are preceded by contacts with Professors from Collège de France.

Eduardo Soares Ducla Email: educla-soares@fc.ulisboa.pt

Agreement of cooperation between the Universidade de Lisboa and the Collège de France – Portuguese version
Cooperation arrangement between the Universidade de Lisboa and the Collège de France – French version


The Chair of Sephardic Studies «Alberto Benveniste» is a scientific institution hosted by the School of Arts and Humanities  at the Universidade de Lisboa, and its main objective is the promotion and advancement of historical research into Sephardic communities of Portuguese origin.

Built about 15 years by the Benveniste Family and dedicated to the memory of Alberto Benveniste, the Chair of Sephardic Studies' main activities include conducting scientific research into the Portuguese Sephardic communities, organizing conferences and specialized courses, and contributing to the publication of the magazine the "Sephardic Journals" that includes a series of thematic papers.

Its main goal is to improve the research into these communities particularly in the areas of social and economic history and to create the documentary basis indispensable to college students and young researchers working in the field of the post-graduate programme.

E-mail: cesab@letras.ulisboa.pt

Sephardic Studies cooperation convention «Alberto Benveniste»


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