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Dining Halls

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Dining Halls

Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) owns a total of 11 Dining Halls.

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Most of these Dining Halls allow their customers to choose one of the available dishes. Options vary between meat, fish, diet or "ovo-lacto vegetarian".

To reinforce the conditions of providing adequate food to the students, the bars and cafeterias in some Schools of ULisboa offer a Student Menu (full meals).

In addition to these options, in some Dining Halls and Schools there are also bars, cafeterias, snack bars and restaurants available to the entire academic community.

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Alto da Ajuda
(820 seats, cafeteria, snack bar, TecnoBar, restaurant)

Faculty of Human Kinetics
(108 seats, cafeteria)

School of Economics and Management
(370 seats, cafeteria, bar 1 and bar 2)

School of Agriculture
(312 seats, cafeteria and snack bar)

Técnico Lisboa - Alameda
(500 seats, cafeteria and snack bar)

Técnico Lisboa - Taguspark
(178 seats, cafeteria)

Burnay Palace
(36 seats, snack bar)

Fine Arts Refectory
(170 seats)

Sciences Refectory
(460 seats)

Refectory One
(1000 seats, cafeteria, restaurant, snack bar and macrobiotic cafeteria)