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European Doctorate

Doutoramento Europeu

European Doctorate

The European Doctorate refers to a label attachable to the PhD degree conferred by European Universities.

The ULisboa confers this label is the student requests it and if the following conditions are fulfilled.

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Qualifying conditions

| Registration as a PhD student at Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa);
| Attendance for a research period with a minimum of one trimester, as part of the thesis preparation, at a university or research institution in another European country. This period must be certified by the university or institution;
| Existence of two favourable reports regarding the acceptance of the doctoral thesis, which have been issued by two professors that belong to two non-Portuguese higher education institutions from two European countries;
| One of the members of the board for the Doctoral examination must be a member of higher education institution of a European country other than Portugal;
| Part of the Doctoral examination has to have been made in an official European language other than Portuguese.


Process Instruction

| Deliver all the above-mentioned documentation that is required to qualify for a European PhD, together with a written request addressed to the Rector of ULisboa at the Faculty/Institute where you present your Doctoral thesis.
| If the application is approved, the European Doctorate will be mentioned in your certification documents.

For further information, please contact the faculty or Institute that you are attending or send an e-mail to provas.acad@reitoria.ulisboa.pt