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Health (RedeSAÚDE)

Health (RedeSAÚDE)

The interdisciplinary thematic network REDEsaúde aims to encourage cooperation between professors/researchers at University of Lisbon, in order to promote a coordinated response to scientific challenges related to innovation of products, processes and services in the health sector.

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RedeSAÚDE operates at the interface between Science, Innovation and Public Policies, promoting collaborative actions to address national and international objectives, through a strategic network of partnerships in the Health area. To achieve these goals, redeSAÚDE develops activities and encourages participation of University of Lisbon in external platforms, such as “Lisbon Living+”, "Health Cluster" and “EIT Health”.

RedeSAÚDE aims to:

• address challenges from national and international programs to support research in the Health area;
• promote interdisciplinarity, bridging the gap between complementary areas of knowledge for innovation in Health;
• establish platforms and increase project's impact with critical mass to connect the public, private and social sectors.

The three strategic pillars of redeSAÚDE through which initiatives are organized are:

• Research & Development;
• Innovation & Knowledge Transfer;
• Health System & Digital Transformation

In order to promote its activities, redeSAÚDE also assemble groups of experts who develop transversal work programs in the areas of “Aging” and “Precision Medicine”, as well as in four clinically oriented working groups in the areas of “Oncology”, “Neurodegenerative Diseases”, “Infectious Diseases”, “Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases”.

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RedeSAÚDE has the institutional support of: