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The Erasmus+ Programme allows teaching staff the possibility of mobility between European higher education institutions, for a teaching period, contributing for the internationalization of higher education institutions.

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| Provide teachers with an opportunity for personal and professional development;
| Encourage universities to broaden and enrich the variety and content of their course offerings;
| Strengthen the links between Higher Education Institutions of different countries;
| To promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences in teaching methods.

Teachers must be an employee of the institution (need to have a contract for teaching with the institution, regardless of the type of contract and its duration);

Eligible countries 

Eligible host institutions:

A higher education institution (HEI) with an Erasmus Charter (ECHE) located in an eligible country.

Teacher mobility for teaching missions is carried out between higher education institutions that have an interinstitutional agreement valid for the year of mobility. Teacher mobility activities are planned for specific areas of education.

They have a minimum duration of 2 days and a maximum of 2 months (excluding travel days) and require a minimum of 8 hours per week at the host institution.

ULisboa's teachers interested in carrying out Erasmus mobility for teaching at a partner institution must submit their application to the International Relations / Erasmus Office of their School, within the deadlines established by it.
Teachers should contact directly the partner institution to know the possibility of carrying out mobility for a teaching mission.

After selection by the School and before starting mobility, selected teachers must submit the following documents to the Office of International Relations / Erasmus of the School:

| Teacher's Form (PDF Form) completed and signed;
| Work Programme (Mobility Agreement), completed and signed by the teacher, the Erasmus Coordinator of the School and  by the responsible in the host institution;

After delivery of the documentation, the Mobility Office of the Rectory will issue an Erasmus agreement, through which the Erasmus grant will be awarded (if applicable)

After returning to ULisboa, the teacher must submit documents of mobility to the Office of International Relations / Erasmus of his School:
| Declaration of stay, proving the mobility dates and the number of hours taught;
| Copy of travel invoice or boarding tickets
The teacher must also submit the Erasmus Teacher Report that will be sent to him by e-mail.


The Erasmus grant is made up of a per diem individual support amount and a travel band amount. Both amounts are depend on the annually approved grant schedule.

The concept of "Travel" encompasses all the necessary travel between ULisboa and the host institution.

Under the Erasmus + Programme, travel costs are based on the distance in kilometers between Lisbon and the locality of the host institution. The number of kilometers relates to the Grants Chart (STA), to identify the amount of the respective travel band.

The individual amount is based on a per diem amount set for groups of countries based on the duration of mobility.

The amount can be attributed up to 100% between the 1st and the 14th day of mobility. From the 15th day of mobility, the Grant will be attributed up to a maximum of 70% of the Grant amount.

In the allocation of individual support, it is possible to combine the assignment of days of grant with days without grant.

The  payment of the Grants  are made after the signing of the Erasmus Agreement.

Changes to the mobility period may require a change in the amount of the Grant.

Failure to deliver the travel documents will result in the total return of the Grant.