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R&D Ecosystem

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The University of Lisbon plays a central role in the Portuguese research and innovation system.

Research and Development Units (R&D)

The 70 Research and Development Units (R&D) of the University of Lisbon funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) represent 22% of the total in Portugal, while its researchers and funding reach 29% of the respective national total.

R&D Units of the University of Lisbon selected for funding in the FCT evaluation process, in the various scientific areas: Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Sciences , Humanities, Medical and Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences.


Associate Laboratories

Associate Laboratories are R&D institutions or consortia of institutions established to pursue specific national scientific and technological objectives. They often consist of R&D Units or Institutes from different Universities.
The University of Lisbon and its R&D Units participate in 19 Associated Laboratories, which represents 48% of the national total, with 4 Associated Laboratories obtaining the highest classification.