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The applications are submitted to the home University where the foreign students are enrolled.

The deadlines and conditions for submitting the application are established by the home University.

As an Erasmus foreign student you must:

| Verify that the home University has a valid inter-institutional agreement with Universidade de Lisboa for the requested mobility year and area of study.
| Verify that ULisboa offers a similar degree program to the one that you are enrolled in at your home University.
| Contact the International Relations Office of your home University in order to meet all the internal requirements of the Erasmus program application process.
| Make sure that your home University nominates you to the School of ULisboa for an Erasmus period of studies.
| After being nominated by your home University, contact the School of ULisboa  to obtain information about the application procedures, deadlines, study plan, and academic calendar.
| After receiving the selection notice,  students who would like to find  accommodation at the ULisboa’s Students Residences must request a vacancy from their host School of ULisboa.

Please note that each of the Schools of ULisboa has a limited number of vacancies.

Check List:

There is usually no need to arrive at the University before September because the School’s offices might be closed and classes only start in the second half of the month.

Before your departure to Lisbon, do not forget to bring:

Identity Card or Passport;

European Health Insurance Card;

Confirmation of your acceptance at ULisboa;

Confirmation of  Accommodation at ULisboa (if applicable);

Some money for the first few days.

Make sure to hand in the Learning Agreement duly signed by your home University, ULisboa (at the School level) and yourself at your home university’s Office of International Relations/Erasmus.

After arriving in Lisbon:

After arriving in Lisbon you must:

| Go to your host School of ULisboa’s Erasmus Office to enroll and receive useful information and documents (student card, timetables, declaration of enrollment for the language course, welcome kit, access to libraries and refectories).

| Discover the different student associations that offer support for Erasmus students in dealing with various practical matters at the University (University’s Students’ Association) and in the city (Erasmus Student Network)