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The Volunteering Programme of the University of Lisbon aims to stimulate the training and education of the members of the academic community, with particular focus on students, in values of social cohesion, tolerance, equality and non-discrimination, with the objective of developing solidarity and promoting active citizenship.

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Seeking to regulate internally the volunteering actions to be carried out in the Schools, University Administration, Social Services and partner entities, reflecting also the expansion and diffusion of a social responsibility policy, the Regulation of the Volunteering Programme of the University of Lisbon was created in 2022. 

In some of our Schools there are volunteering practices supported by specific regulations. We recommend consulting the respective websites. To clarify any doubts, the Quality Assurance and Assessment Office (AAGQ) may be contacted: qualidade@reitoria.ulisboa.pt.

Recognising the importance of training volunteers, ULisboa, through the School of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Psychology and Institute of Education, offers the University Volunteer Curriculum (CVU) course, with the aim of promoting skills in volunteering and contributing to the implementation, dissemination and recognition of this practice in the university context, making it accessible to all students at the university.

In 2022 ULisboa, in recognition of the social impact of the volunteering programs and actions carried out in a considerable number of its Schools, University Administration and Social Services, with the collaboration of teachers, researchers, technical and administrative workers, students and partners, unanimously obtained the Quality Seal Academia Voluntária of the António Sérgio Cooperative for the Social Economy (CASES).

Volunteering practices have long existed in some of the Schools of ULisboa. This is the case of Faculty of Sciences, School of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Psychology, Institute of Education, ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics & Management and National Museum of Natural History and Science.