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Welcome to ULisboa


Welcome to ULisboa

Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) is the largest Higher Education institution in Portugal and one of the most prestigious universities in Europe.

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To study at ULisboa is to attend a people oriented university that privileges merit and is strongly committed to high quality education and to its projection in the science and innovation international scene.

ULisboa provides over 400 degrees in all knowledgeable areas. With an academic staff of about 3.500 professors, and over 400 researchers, this institution serves a universe of 50.000 students.

The quality in research, innovation and culture at ULisboa Schools attracts an increasing number of international talent seeking to develop projects at the highest level with the research Units and Groups.

ULisboa prepares professionals for the World, providing them with the skills to take on the demands of the global market. Contributing to this cause, are the over 550 agreements and protocols celebrated with international institutions, reinforcing ULisboa’s daily commitment to providing a complete, high quality and distinguished education.