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Social Responsibility

Responsabilidade Social

Social Responsibility

One of the areas in which ULisboa has always been strongly committed is that of social responsibility. The expressions of this commitment are varied. There are many programmes and actions to support the students who need it most, so that they can have the best conditions of well-being and thus achieve the greatest success in their academic path. Some particularly vulnerable students, such as those with special educational needs, have been the object of continued attention and many support initiatives.

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The defence of equality, inclusion and non-discrimination has been an increasingly relevant axis of action. The adoption of a Plan for Gender Equality, Inclusion and Non-Discrimination is one of its expressions. Volunteering initiatives have been supported. The aim is to stimulate the training of members of the academic community in values of social cohesion, tolerance, equality and non-discrimination. Respect for ethics has been promoted, as advocated in the Charter of Rights and Guarantees and the ULisboa Code of Conduct and Good Practices.

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